Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Winston is a member of the Party who does not abide by all of their rules. Secretly he questions past, sex, love, and memories even though this act is completely prohibited by his rulers. He knows that he can be caught with all the rebellious crimes he commits but continues to commit them anyway. He keeps all his thoughts confidental, and only shares them with a few people.

Winston often strolls the streets of the proles, who he thinks is the hope for their future, and one day can overthrow the Party. He often visits a secondhand store ran by a man named Mr. Charrington who Winston is not suspicious of in any way. He buys things from this store to symbolize his hope for the future.

Eventually, Winston falls in love with a mysterious dark haired girl named Julia who is also a member of the party. They secretly meet, have sex, and share their rebellious hateful thoughts for the Party. Even though Julia is content with her life, and has accept the rules of the Party, Winston shares with her his thoughts of one day the Party been overthrew. They rent an apartment above Mr. Charringtons store to meet more regularly and safely.

Winston confides in one of his co-workers O'Brien who makes him believe he is a member of the enemy group against the Party, called the Brotherhood. He shares to O'Brien all his secrets, thoughts, and hatred for the Party and O'Brien makes Winston believe he agrees and feels the same.

Julia and Winston are caught by the Thought Police and are taken to the Minstry of Love and tortured until they are both faithful members of the Party once again. They both end up betraying each other due to the enormous, dangerous amount of torture they are given, and both cave in to the Party. They are both released and go back to living their lives before the rebellion, praising Big Brother, the leader of the Party.

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