Monday, April 16, 2012

Main Characters.

Julia- The girl who Winston is in love with. She has had affairs with many Party members. Hates the Party just as Winston does, but in contrast to Winston keeps her hate personal, and confidental.

Winston- A member of the Ruling Party, secretly hates the Party and rebels against it confidentaly. He dreams of being free from the control of the Party.

Big Brother- The main leader of the Party. Not ever seen in person, but recognized in figure. His message is emboided everywhere to everyone. Signs state "Big Brother is watching you", and he is televised through out Oceania.

Mr. Charrington- Owns the store that Winston comes to. Acts as if he is a supporter of Winstons rebellion against the party and acts as if he even agrees with the idea. In reality, he is a member of the Thought Police and turns Winston in to the Party.

O'Brien- A very important, and recognized member of the Party. Also Winston believes is secretely a member of Brotherhood.

Emmanuel Goldstein- A person who never actaully visually appears in the story, but is known as the leader of the Brotherhood. He is told about as a dangerous character, and the most fearful man in Oceania.

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