Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Best Chapter.

I think that the best chapter in book three is chapter two. This chapter really shows the outcome of torture on the people in Oceania who choose to rebel. O'Brien tortures Winston for his answers to his questions, his thoughts of his childhood memories, his thoughts of sex and lust, his curiousity of the past, how the Party came into control, and who was in control before their time. O'Brien tortures Winston to the point where he accepts the fact that O'Brien is holding up five fingers, when he really is only holding up four. Winston also is tortured to the point where he wishes the torture upon Julia to get rid of the torture from himself, showing how the Party can overturn emotions for human beings to other human beings. In the end, Winston is tortured so much that he actually believes he loves Big Brother, and will abide by his rules happily.

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