Saturday, November 26, 2011


A bus ride downtown- Harvey was eight years old, his mother was his idol. He had unconditional love for her, would not admit his mother was capable of making mistakes, or let someone say or do anything to his mother. Harvey s father came into the room and said, very simply,, "You and your mother are going downtown- watch out for your mother." Which was his number one rule in his fathers house. Do not come back without my mother and my sisters. I might as well kill myself or get on a bus and go somewhere else, but don't come back without my mother and the girls.

Diving Trip- Joint fishing and diving trip in Maui with coworkers. Harveys wife is a certified scuba diver. He is not. When they got out on the choppy waters of the Pacific Ocean, he couldn't help but feel like something was going to happen to his wife. She put on all her equipment and entered the water. Harvey got antsy and immediately started lighting up cigars and walking around the boat, telling everyone on board from his manager to the captain that if his wife wasn't back up above water in thirty0five minutes than everybody's putting on suits and going to get her or he's killing everyone on the boat. Showing his protection for his wife.

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