Saturday, November 26, 2011


1. A woman tells her husband that "the color of the kitchen cabinets are all wrong, they don't go with the stove and I can't get my mind right in here when I'm trying to cook." He asks her "What color you want this kitchen to be, baby? She says "pink". The next Saturday, the whole kitchen is painted pink cabinets and all.

Significance- A man who really loves you can't wait to do these kind of things, he can envision you with a smile on your face. Men want to see their ladies happy, but it's also about the respect returned.

2. A women seen a man for six months, went out and visited each others homes. Then all of a sudden he stopped calling and when she calls him, he seemed excited they got very short with her. He doesn't act like he wants to be bothered, She didn't know what happened, still liked him, but it bothered her to know that something could be on his mind that he wasn't sharing with her, or found another woman and wanted to keep her in the back pocket.

Significance- Instead of investing all this time and energy into a man who can't and won't live up to her expectations, let the guy walk.

3. A man lets his mother control him, calls him to do everything. She calls the house late at night to scream at him for something they did not agree on. Calls him for money, to paint her house, to pick her up, to cook, and even wash her clothes. The woman in his life felt as if his mother was taking away from the family.

Significance- The woman must establish rules and say them loud and early in the relationship, and make sure the man sticks to them.

4. Valentines Day Harveys girlfriend Marjorie, before she became wife came to visit him at the office, one of his old friends from his single days called and said Hi. He told her that they'd chat another time and he'd see her if he came down some day. When he got up to go to the bathroom that night, she was standing in the hallway in her fur coat and suitcase in her hand. She was going to leave because of the phone call.

Significance- Harvey realized she was the one for him.

5. A woman decided when her boyfriend showed up late, instead of complaining about how she can't stand when people show up late she decided to take another approach. She stated "Everybody is so busy these days- time sure is precious, isn't it?"

Significance- She showed her requirements in a man in a maturely handled way.

6. A woman did not want to introduce her kids to a man unless she was absolutely sure that he was in it for the long haul. She waited over a year, then invited him home to meet the kids and they hit it off worse then expected.

Significance- She has become beyond emotionally attached to this man and the most important people in her life do not approve of him.

7. A woman and her husband were grocery shopping after he recently was laid off from Ford Motor Company. After venturing through the entire grocery store for house, he put his hand on only one thing. Pineapple Juice. This man loved pineapple juice, he dropped it into the buggy when she was looking at something else just coincidentally. She turned around and asked what he put into the buggy, he said "Pineapple Juice" she said "You, don't have any money," took the juice out and dropped it to the floor.

Significance- The man did not fulfill his role as a provider, because of his prevention from making money for that week. and her actions drove him away.

8. A man paid the bulls that had to be paid, the rent, the heat, and the light bill, the car note, bought groceries, paid school tuition for the kids, and took care of any other household expenditures.

Significance- A man who loves a women will bring home money to make sure that her and the kids have what they all need.

9. One night after Harvey was laid off from a previous job a women encouraged him to go to a local comedy club and sign up for amateur night. He made a few dollars, and eventually moved up to opening act, then became the head man.

Significance- Harvey figured out "who he was" and "what he did."

10. Every Sunday Harvey and his family would go to church. His dad took him to get a hair cut, he would get all lotioned up and put on his shoes and suit and his mother would always compliment him. Harvey held his head high because she was encouraging him to be presentable. His fathers chest was as far out as his because every Sunday, she reminded him that he made it all possible, she kissed and thanked him every Sunday of the week.

Significance- A man need strength to keep doing right by her and the family.

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